• Brass Tubes

    We offer world class brass tubes, strips, sheets and rods.

  • Aluminium Coils

    We offer world class aluminium sheets, strips and tubes.

  • Copper Sheets

    We offer world class copper sheets, tubes and strips.

What is CBI Europe?

CBI Europe is a London-based company specialised in the trade of semi-finished, non-ferrous products

We have been operating for several years in the industry, offering a vast range of world class brass, copper, bronze and aluminium products. We have been working with some of the leading players in the industry, and we will be glad to serve your needs.

We offer a complete service, guiding you from the order booking to the delivery of the product.  

Our Products

Aluminum Foils CBI Europe

Aluminium Foils

Being one of the most important cold-rolled aluminium and aluminium alloy products, aluminum foil is a fundamental piece of consumer products. FOIL FOR TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS CONTAINER FOILS OTHER INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS

Aluminum Tread Plates

Aluminium Tread Plates

We provide tread plates with a brilliant surface, narrow tolerances and customisable dimensions. PROPERTIES

Aluminum Sheets

Aluminium Sheets

We provide high quality hot-rolled plates and cold-rolled sheets. COLD-ROLLED SHEET PROPERTIES HOT-ROLLED PLATE PROPERTIES

CBI Europe

Copper Bus Bars

Copper bus bars are used in a number of electrical applications, such as: in the production of switchboards, transformers, socket panels. BUS BAR PROPERTIES Copper flats’ chemical, physical and mechanical properties, tolerances and/or limitations comply to variety of standards, as … Read More

Prepainted Products

We provide a wide variety of state-of-the-art pre-painted aluminium strips and sheets intended for wide use. COLOUR COMPARISON COLOUR RESISTANCE TO ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES

Copper products

Copper Sheets

Other than for roofing and coating of external surfaces (walls, chimneys, skylights, openings), copper sheets are used in the production of solar power collectors, boilers and for special electrical and mechanical engineering applications.   The long endurance and aesthetic effect of copper … Read More

Brass Strips

Due to their excellent characteristics, brass strips are widely used in electrical engineering, popular art, decoration, automotive industry, as well as for the production of household appliances and elements. STRIPS PROPERTIES SPECIFICATIONS ALLOYS (ACCORDING TO EN 1652 STANDARDS) Products can … Read More

Brass Tubes

SEAMLESS APPLICATIONS Components production, architectural applications, interior design, modern art, furnishing and lamps, pumps, gunwales, plumbing, heat exchangers, vehicles, musical instruments, spray equipment etc PROCESS Seamless brass tubes are available as extruded and/or cold drawn in various shapes such as … Read More

Building Copper Strips

Copper strips are the perfect material used for gutters, gutter supports, various roofing accessories or chimney details to match the whole copper roofing concept. They complete the design idea and make buildings distinguishable. STRIP PROPERTIES ALLOYS ACCORDING TO EN 1652 … Read More

Industrial Copper Strips

Copper strips find wide application in the production of telecommunications and high frequency cables, in electrical engineering, popular art, decoration, automotive industry, household appliances, and many other industrial sectors. STRIP PROPERTIES ALLOYS ACCORDING TO EN 1652 STANDARD Other alloys can … Read More

Brass Tubes

Brass Sheets

Brass sheets are the ideal material for coating of various surfaces, as well as for interior decoration since they provide impressive aesthetic effect and glamour. STRIPS PROPERTIES SPECIFICATIONS Products can also be supplied in conformance to respective international standards, such … Read More

Brass Rods

PRODUCTION RANGE Alloys: CW508L, CW511L Temper: Hard, half-hard, light annealed and annealed. Tubes are delivered stress relieved upon customer’s request. Packaging: In random-cut straight lengths approx. 4 m or tailored to customer’s specifications. Brass seamless tubes are packed in wooden … Read More