Copper Bus Bars

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Copper bus bars are used in a number of electrical applications, such as: in the production of switchboards, transformers, socket panels.


Copper flats’ chemical, physical and mechanical properties, tolerances and/or limitations comply to variety of standards, as for example EN 13601, JIS H 3250/JIS H 3140, ASTM B 187. Their production is monitored throughout all stages with the application of management system certified by Lloyds Register as complying with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2008.


Density (g/cc)8,96
Thermal Conductivity (W/cm oK)4,01
Specific Heat (J/g oK)0,38
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion / K-116,5E-6
Atomic Mass Average63,546
Melting Point1357,75 oK
1084,6 oC
1984,3 oF


According to EN 13601

AlloyTemperTensile Strength(MPa)Yield Strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Hardness(HB)Conductivity(MS/m)
Cu-ETPD (Hard as drawn)56 min
H03535 -6558 min
R200200 min120 max25 min58 min
H06565 -9058 min
R230230 min160 min58 min
R250250 min200 min8 min58 min
H08585 -11057 min
R300300 min260 min5 min57 min
H100100 min57 min

According to ASTM B 187

AlloyTemperRod & Bar Strength(mm)Elongation(%)Hardness(HV)Conductivity(MS/m)
Cu-ETPO60All sizes25 min57 max58 min
H04For rod: Up to 10 incl.12 min56 min
Over 10 to 25 incl.12 min89 min56 min
Over 25 to 50 incl.15 min83 min56 min
Over 50 to 75 incl.15 min71 min57 min
Over 7515 min
For bar: Up to 10 incl. thickness and up to 110 incl. in width10 min89 min56 min
All other sizes15 min71 min57 min

According to JIS H 3250

AlloyTemperRod & Bar Strength(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Conductivity(MS/m)
Cu-ETPO6 or over up to and incl. 10195 min30 min58 min
½ H6 or over up to and incl. 25245 min15 min57 min
over 25 up to and incl. 50225 min20 min57 min
over 50 up to and incl. 75215 min25 min57 min
H6 or over up to and incl. 25275 min56 min

According to JIS H 3140

AlloyTemperRod & Bar Strength(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Conductivity(MS/m)
Cu-ETPO2.0 or over up to and incl. 30195 min35 min58 min
½ H2.0 or over up to and incl. 30215-27525 min57 min
¼ H2.0 or over up to and incl. 20245-31515 min57 min
H2.0 or over up to and incl. 10275 min56 min



Bus bars, with sharp, round or full radius edges, in standard straight lengths
from 3.000 to 5.000 mm and tempers R200, R230, R250, R260, R280 and R300.

Thickness (mm)**23456810121520
Minimum width (mm)10101010101015202025
Maximum width (mm)305060100120140200200200250
PackingOn pallets and or wooden cases of about 500 kg.

Available in imperial sizes and other lengths upon agreement.
** Maximum thickness could be 50mm with restrictions with respect to width.


Bus bars, with sharp, round or full radius edges.

TemperThickness (mm)Width (mm)Packing
Soft3 ÷ 820 ÷ 40In coils on wooden
COD: max. 1400 mm
CID: 500 mm

Available in imperial sizes.

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